About Dr. Rahm



An Integrative Approach
As a practicing anesthesiologist, I have the opportunity to care for patients of all ages, sizes, physiologies and backgrounds. Throughout the course of my career, I have seen every disease and condition imaginable.


I was trained - as many conventional physicians are - to focus on treatment rather than prevention. However, I began to realize that so much of what ails us is self-inflicted. Personal neglect, poor dietary habits, lack of exercise and a life of untreated stress have resulted in increased incidence of heart disease, cancer and numerous metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity.


Following a back injury I sustained in the early 1990s, I opted for alternative treatments rather than risk surgery. I began to notice my back improving and I quickly developed a professional interest in alternative therapies. I started exploring a variety of complementary modalities including diets, natural medicines and nutritional healing therapies.


Wellness soon became my full-time passion. I pursued additional training in nutrition, stress management, exercise physiology and nutritional supplementation. I discovered the wisdom of focusing on disease prevention rather than disease treatment.



The Wellness Center: Nutritional Counseling

In 1992, I opened my medical clinic, The Wellness Center and began working with patients to help them determine the best ways to optimize their health by adding, when appropriate, integrative or functional medical therapies to their prescribed conventional treatments.


As part of a healthy lifestyle and to cover gaps in the diet, I always recommended that my patients take nutritional supplements. As you can imagine, during these conversations, the discussion inevitably turned to which brand, product and dosing that I recommended. While I found a few specialized companies like Omega Nutrition and Ocean Nutrition, whom we still partner with today to manufacture our Omega-3 nutraceuticals, I was not satisfied with the supplements available for my patients.



VitaMedica: Quality Nutraceuticals

To ensure that my patients were able to obtain high-quality nutritional supplements, I founded VitaMedica over a decade ago. Initially, I formulated a few basic supplements like our Multi-Vitamin & Mineral and Broad Spectrum Antioxidant. Over the years, as new research emerged, our Multi-Vitamin has been reformulated. And, other supplements were added to comprise what is now called the Wellness Products line.


Given my anesthesia specialty, it probably comes as no surprise that I developed a Recovery Products line to support patients through the critical healing phase after surgery. Even now, VitaMedica is the only company that offers a comprehensive nutritional supplement line to help patients recover more quickly after a surgical procedure, trauma or injury. Initially, my plastic surgeon colleagues offered these specialized supplements to their discerning patients. However, as word spread amongst the physician community about the positive benefits of using these supplements in the peri-operative period, more surgeons added our recovery products as part of their pre-surgical protocol. Now, over a decade later, almost half a million VitaMedica Recovery Products have been used by a wide range of patients across the country.


By offering VitaMedica nutraceuticals plus the latest health & wellness news and information on this website, it is my sincere hope that I can help you experience firsthand the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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