Acne & Healthy Skin

All About Acne: Types, Causes, Treatments & Tips

There’s no denying that first impressions matter. And what’s that “first” in first impressio...

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Anti-Aging & Wellness

The Breasts Addressed: Everything You Want to Know

Breasts, boobies, tatas, “the girls” – with society’s obsession with our bosoms, you’d thi...

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Exercise & Fitness

Exercise Decreases Depression Risk

We all feel down sometimes, especially during the winter when seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a...

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Food & Supplements

Artificial Sweeteners Alter Blood Sugar & Gut Bacteria

Sometimes, you just need something sweet. Whether it’s for your morning coffee, in your diet soda,...

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How to Prevent Getting a Cold

By David H. Rahm, M.D.   Q: Everyone around me is sick! I don’t want to catch a cold and ca...

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Weight Management

Fiber Supplementation Helps With Weight Loss

More often than not, when you’re looking to lose weight, you focus on what you’re getting too mu...

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