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Join the growing list of health care professionals that carry the VitaMedica product line. Read below to learn why for over 15 years, VitaMedica has been the leading provider of nutraceuticals to the aesthetic market.


Integrating Nutraceuticals
Find out why offering nutritional supplements in your practice or medical spa makes good business sense.


20 Reasons to Offer VitaMedica
Learn why VitaMedica consistently receives high marks for offering high-quality products and providing excellent customer service to our health care customers.


Product Fact Sheets
These sheets provide a quick overview of our Recovery and Wellness products. Ideal if you need to present topline product information to the doctor or other staff members.


Opening an Account
Learn how easy it is to open an account today with VitaMedica.


Physician Affiliate Program
Like the idea of offering nutraceuticals but don’t want to carry more inventory? Or, want to offer just part of our
product line to your patients? Our Physician Affiliate Program was designed specifically with your business
needs in mind.


Journal Articles

Download and read through published articles related to healing and age management.


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Integrating Nutraceuticals

Like no other demographic group, aging baby boomers are seeking a variety of solutions for their age management problems. Today, with the advent of medically based skin care and the popularity of injectable fillers, aesthetic plastic surgeons, dermatologists and related health care professionals are increasingly being perceived as the de facto providers of age management and wellness solutions.


While both of these modalities address the needs of numerous patients, they overlook an area that is perceived by the public as paramount to the prevention of aging and maintenance of healthy-looking skin -- nutrition and nutritional supplements.


By offering targeted nutritional supplements to your patients, you can benefit your practice in a number of ways:


Meet Patient Needs
Patients are especially interested in natural therapies. Natural Foods Merchandiser, a trade industry publication, estimates that the market for natural products was $100 billion in 2012.  Although the practitioner market was just 4% of this total, it was valued at $3.51 billion.  This segment grew by 10% in 2012 and is expected to grow significantly over the next decade as baby boomers age.


Patients are also seeking nutritional advice from their health care professional. Given the nature of medical reimbursement, most conventional specialists are not set-up to teach preventative medicine or retail products. By offering nutritional solutions within your practice, you can fill an untapped market need.

Enhance Results
Too much of modern skin care is spent solely on the appearance of the skin with minimal attention given to the underlying structure and function of the dermis. At VitaMedica, we are certainly concerned about the outward appearance of the skin, but only after the nutritional needs and health of the dermis are addressed. VitaMedica’s products are based on the concept of inner and outer beauty, the so-called bi-directional approach.

Improve the Patient Experience
People today are most interested in obtaining information and services from reliable sources. With time at such a premium, patients are also seeking solutions that simplify their lives. As baby boomers age, they have become less focused on basic “consumption” and more focused on “life experiences”. By offering nutritional support and nutraceuticals that enhance healing and wellness, physicians can improve the patients' overall surgical and aesthetic experience.

Increase Practice Revenue
Patients have a limit as to how many skin care products they will purchase and incorporate into their daily regimen. By offering nutraceuticals for healing and wellness, practice revenue can grow without “cannibalizing” the sale of skin care products.

Create a Point-of-Difference
In an increasingly competitive marketplace creating a point-of-difference is of paramount importance. For this reason, it has become increasingly important to stand out in the crowd. Offering VitaMedica’s nutraceuticals provides aesthetic practices with the opportunity to offer something distinctive and worthwhile for patients.


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20 Reasons to Offer VitaMedica


We recognize that you have a variety of product and vendor choices, so we appreciate your taking the time to learn more about us. Why partner with VitaMedica? As detailed below, VitaMedica is dedicated to providing superior-quality, safe and effective products supported by excellent education and marketing tools.

1. Aesthetic Industry Leader. For over 15 years, VitaMedica has been the leading provider of nutritional supplements to the aesthetic industry. Unlike some competitors, VitaMedica products are not available in drug, health food or beauty supply stores.


2. Quality You can Trust. VitaMedica’s products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility where the production standards used are similar to those for prescription drugs. We are cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by The Natural Products Association. These strict quality controls ensure that what’s on the label is in the finished product. Each product has a lot # and expiration date, a requirement not mandated by the FDA.

3. Evidence-Based Formulations. VitaMedica products are not formulated using today’s most popular ingredients. Instead, each formulation is based on evidence-based medicine to ensure safety, quality and efficacy.

4. One Stop Healing Solutions. VitaMedica offers a full line of Recovery products to meet all of your patients’ healing needs. Working with fewer vendors simplifies the ordering process, saves time and lowers costs.

5. Improve Patient Results. The bi-directional approach – using VitaMedica Wellness products in conjunction with topical products and treatments – leads to improved skin care results.

6. Address Patient Wellness Needs. The core aesthetic customer is an aging Baby Boomer woman. She is also the #1 user of nutritional supplements. Offering VitaMedica products to these patients meets her need to look and feel her best.

7. Differentiate Your Practice. Offering VitaMedica’s targeted line of nutritional supplements demonstrates to your patients that you care about their health. It also helps differentiate your practice in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

8. Attractive Aesthetic Packaging. VitaMedica’s medical, yet cosmetic packaging reinforces an aesthetic practice’s high-end image and positioning.

9. Easy Implementation. VitaMedica products are supported with materials like bilingual instruction cards which eliminate questions and ensure patient compliance, lessening staff workload.

10. Value Based Pricing. VitaMedica’s pricing is affordable for both offices and patients.  Established accounts save 8 –15% on repeat orders when purchasing in volume.


11. No Minimum Order Requirements. Unlike many skin care companies, VitaMedica does not have a minimum order requirement. Order just what you need and preserve cash for important business operations.

12. Excellent Customer Service. Over the past decade, VitaMedica has consistently earned excellent ratings on all aspects of customer service. We’ll gladly provide you with a list of businesses that use our products to determine how VitaMedica can benefit your business.

13. Quick Order Processing. Orders received by 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time are processed and shipped the same day. Our fast turnaround gets most orders to your door in 4 business days. On orders over $1,500.00, enjoy free FedEx Ground shipping.

14. Free Marketing Support Materials.  Use our high-quality marketing materials such as point-of-sale, consumer cards, brochures, vitamin holders, samples and retail bags to promote product sales.

15. Social Marketing Support. VitaMedica spends significant resources developing health and wellness content.  These articles, along with suggested tweets & posts, are readily available for accounts to use for social media marketing. 


16. Easy Payment Terms. Establishing an account with VitaMedica is easy – just complete a short form and fax to us. Within a few business days, you’ll receive specifics regarding your credit line. To order the same day, use any major credit card (Visa, MC or AMEX).

17. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with VitaMedica’s products, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Returns are easy. We’ll coordinate the return and credit your account once the products are received.


18. Free Recovery Products for Employees. Employees can obtain a FREE Recovery Product of their choice for use after a procedure, providing an opportunity for them to experience first-hand the benefits of using these products. Knowledgeable employees help drive product sales.


19. Physician Locator to Drive Patient Sales. Patients regularly contact VitaMedica to locate a nearby office or medical spa that carries our product line. Our website health care locator provides an easy way for patients to find your business.

20. Physician Affiliate Program (PAP). The PAP allows your business to earn 20% on retail sales without carrying any inventory. VitaMedica processes and ships the order directly to the patient. Your office receives a check on a quarterly basis.

Need to pass this information onto the doctor? Click here to download, 20 Reasons to Partner with VitaMedica.


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Product Fact Sheets


Our website provides extensive information on the features and benefits, directions and contraindications, Supplement Facts and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for each of our products.  For an overview of our Recovery and Wellness products, download the following sell sheets:


Recovery Products - Sell Sheet
Our Recovery Products minimize the inflammation, bruising and swelling that often accompany a surgical procedure, trauma or sports injury. Formulated with nutrients to support wound healing, boost immune function and stimulate tissue growth factors, our Recovery Products meet a wide variety of patient needs. Help your patients get back on their feet faster.

Wellness Products - Sell Sheet
Our Wellness Products are formulated with nutrients to support cardiovascular, brain, bone and skin health. Our nutraceuticals are focused on four fundamental nutrient categories: multi-vitamins & minerals, Omega-3, antioxidants and selected nutrients to address health concerns. The Wellness Products are excellent for patients transitioning from our Recovery Products to support long-term healing and health maintenance.

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Opening an Account


Opening an account with VitaMedica is easy. Once your account is established, we’ll provide you with a customer ID (4 letters followed by two numbers e.g., VITA-97). Be sure to reference this number when placing or referencing or paying an invoice.

Unlike many skin care companies we do not require a minimum order amount. However, our kits are packed in inner case packs of 6 units to protect the product during shipment.

If you would like to apply for credit terms, please download the VitaMedica Credit Application and fax the completed application to customer service at 310-374-2128. Upon approval, you will receive written notice of our credit terms which are net 30 days.

Need to order today?
Use a major credit card (Mastercard, Visa or AMEX) or for a $15.00 fee, use Cash on Delivery (COD).


Orders placed by 1:00P Pacific Standard Time are shipped the same day. Orders received after 1:00P are shipped the next business day. Most shipments arrive to their destination within 4 business days. Any orders over $1,500.00 are shipped FedEx Ground FREE.


If you are a California or Georgia based account, you’ll need to provide us with your reseller number so your account won’t be charged sales tax. Click to download our resale forms: California Resale Certificate Form and Georgia Resale Certificate Form.  We offer volume pricing on our Recovery products which starts at 36 units. In addition, we offer a number of introductory pricing programs for new accounts.


View the below graphic to estimate your shipping times.


To set-up your account, place a product order or learn more about our introductory pricing programs, please contact us today at our toll free number 888-367-8605.

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Physician Affiliate Program


VitaMedica’s Physician Affiliate Program (PAP) is designed for our health care partners to better meet the long-term wellness needs of patients. Importantly, the PAP allows your business to generate incremental revenue with a limited investment of time.

Program Overview
If you’re already offering VitaMedica’s Recovery Products but are not carrying our Wellness Products, then the PAP is ideally suited for your business. As you may have already seen, patients taking the Recovery Support Program or Arnica + Bromelain Program enjoy the product benefits. These recovery kits are often looked upon as a “product trial” by patients. However, by not offering VitaMedica’s Wellness Products as a follow-up to our Recovery Products, these patients don’t have the opportunity to become a loyal VitaMedica customer.

Program Benefits
With our Physician Affiliate Program, your business can capture this revenue stream with minimal effort. For each VitaMedica nutraceutical sold through the PAP, your practice earns 20% of the retail value of the sale. The good news? Your office does not need to order, carry or manage any inventory. VitaMedica handles the entire sales transaction from processing the transaction to shipping the order directly to the patient. VitaMedica even handles customer inquiries and product returns.


By just recommending VitaMedica nutraceuticals, your office shares in this patient revenue stream – for as long as the patient orders. With just a few patients ordering our top selling products each month, the PAP can generate over $20,000 annually for your practice! This revenue stream can be used to offset other office expenses or can be credited toward purchase of VitaMedica products that you carry in the office.


Other benefits of participating in VitaMedica’s Physician Affiliate Program include:

  • Meet patient demand for wellness products to enhance surgical outcome or maintain health and well-being.
  • Reinforce the perception that your practice is contemporary and has the best interests of patients in mind by offering a variety of modalities to solve aesthetic and health issues.
  • Easily offer VitaMedica’s targeted line of nutritional supplements by using our ready-made prescription form.
  • Allow patients to conveniently order products directly through VitaMedica using a secure internet connection (VeriSign) and a physician code.
  • Earn incremental revenue without the hassle of ordering, tracking and inventorying products.

Program Implementation
Here’s how to get started with the Physician Affiliate Program:


W-9 Form. Complete a W-9 Form (provides your tax information) and Physician Affiliate Program Agreement. Upon approval of program participation, a Physician Code is assigned to your account. Patients use this number when they establish an account; it allows us to associate retail sales to your practice.


Product Training. Arranged with VitaMedica nutrition representative and/or account manager and conducted either in office or via internet connection and computer (GotoMeetings).


Patient Education. Point-of-sale materials are provided free of charge. Ideal placement is in waiting room area and patient rooms to educate patients and generate awareness about our products.


Prescription Pad. Prescription pads are provided to the office free of charge.


Product Ordering. Patients order VitaMedica products using a secure internet connection and Physician Code. Processing of product orders including billing and shipping is handled by VitaMedica and products are shipped directly to patient’s home.


Product Returns. VitaMedica processes and handles all customer returns. All products have a 30-day money back guarantee.


Product Questions. Patient inquiries are directed to VitaMedica either through [email protected] or via our toll free number


Patient Marketing. VitaMedica uses permission based marketing to maintain customer loyalty and repeat sales. Marketing includes direct mail, catalog, promotional emails, promotional pricing, etc.


Patient Sales. Tracked using sophisticated sales and inventory software system (NetSuite).


Physician Revenue Sharing. Your office receives VitaMedica PAP credits on a quarterly basis which can be used toward future purchases or rebated back to the account.

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