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January 2014 Issue

- The Skinny on Weight Loss Supplements
- Ask the Doctor: How to Increase Energy Levels Naturally
- Infographic: Weight Loss vs Weight Maintenance
- Too Many Americans Don’t Get Enough Sleep
- Allergies and Children
- Gut Bacteria Linked to Colon Cancer Risk
- Product Spotlight: Energy Support with B-Complex

February 2014 Issue

- The Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love
- Ask the Doctor: How to Prevent Getting a Cold?
- Infographic: Probiotics – What You Need to Know
- Obesity Risk Begins Before Kindergarten
- Two-Thirds of 13-Year Old Girls Fear Weight Gain
- Probiotics – the New Weight Loss Solution
- Product Spotlight: Cold & Flu Season is Here!

March 2014 Issue

- Legumes: Good for You & Easy to Prepare
- Ask the Doctor: Do I Need to Take a Fiber Supplement?
- Exercise – The Anti-Aging Elixir
- Shivering Aids Weight Loss
- Weight Loss Depends on Weekday Meals
- Clear Skin Supplements