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Not sure which VitaMedica Recovery Product is best for you? Complete our short quiz to find out.
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1. What is the nature of your recovery requirements?

A series of orderly events occur in the body to support healing regardless if tissue damage is caused by surgery or an accident. The extent of the damage to tissue will determine which VitaMedica Surgical product is best suited to support the healing process. Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin are ideal for smaller, less invasive surgical procedures and minor bumps and bruises. The Surgery Program is ideal for more comprehensive surgeries or after an accident or more serious injury. The Healing Supplements Program has been successfully used by patients with a wide spectrum of healing needs.
2. If your recovery is related to surgery, indicate the number of days until your procedure is scheduled (note, if your procedure is not yet scheduled, indicate over 21 days):

The timing of your procedure will help determine which VitaMedica product is most suitable. Ideally, the Surgery Program kit should be started 14 days prior to a surgical procedure. The Healing Supplements Program is started just 3 days prior to a procedure. If you have learned about VitaMedica after your procedure or an injury, you can still benefit from using our products. The cosmetic aspects of surgery –namely bruising and swelling – may diminish after 10-14 days. However, the healing process occurs for a much longer period. This timing is dependent upon many factors including a patient’s health, age and the type of procedure undertaken.
3. What type of procedure have you scheduled or injury have you undergone?

Non-surgical procedures like Radiesse or Juvederm filler injections can promote bruising. VitaMedica’s Arnica Montana 30X Blister Pack is ideally suited to these types of procedures which have a more limited area of bruising and swelling which will dissipate in 3-5 days. Less-invasive procedures like arthroscopic knee surgery, breast augmentation or eye lid surgery are often performed in surgery centers or outpatient clinics. Typically, the procedure is relatively short in duration and accompanied by bruising, swelling and pain. Given that the incision area is smaller, wound healing tends to be less of an issue. Minor sports injuries like a sprained ankle or torn ACL also present similar symptoms. VitaMedica’s Healing Supplements Program is ideally suited for these types of procedures and injuries. The combination of homeopathic Arnica Montana 30X plus Bromelain with Quercetin, helps to relieve the bruising, swelling and pain. Comprehensive surgical procedures like breast reduction, tummy tuck, face lift, shoulder surgery, and hip replacement are performed under general anesthesia in surgery centers and hospitals. These procedures are longer in duration and accompanied with wound healing, bruising, swelling and pain. VitaMedica’s Surgery Program is ideally suited for these types of procedures. The specialty multi-nutrient formulation helps support wound healing while homeopathic Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin help with bruising, swelling and inflammation.
4. Do you normally take nutritional supplements?

Each of VitaMedica’s Surgery supplements has been designed for different levels of compliance. If you are unaccustomed to taking nutritional supplements, you may prefer taking just homeopathic Arnica Montana or the Healing Supplements Program. These products are also better suited for individuals that can’t take tablets. The Surgery Program requires a slightly higher level of commitment as severak products need to be taken throughout the day.
5. Are you a smoker?

Smokers have a more difficult time healing. If you smoke, you should stop prior to your surgery. In fact, some surgeons will not operate on patients that smoke due to the impact on wound healing. The Surgery Program is ideal for smokers to help support wound healing.
6. Are you diabetic?

Diabetics can have a more difficult time healing. The nutrients in the Surgery Program are ideal for diabetics to help support wound healing.
7. Do you weigh more than 105 pounds?

If you weigh less than 105 pounds, then you will need to cut back on the dosing of the multi-nutrient product in the Surgery Program. Or, you may want to consider taking the Healing Supplements Program instead.
8. Have you had gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass patients generally have a more difficult time obtaining adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other micronutrients from foods. These nutrients are critical for healing. By taking VitaMedica’s Surgery Program you ensure that an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are available to support healing.
9. Have you taken a steroid medication in the past 3 months to treat a disease or disorder (e.g., prednisone and cortisone)?

The use of corticosteroid medications (e.g., prednisone) are used to treat a variety of conditions such as arthritis, blood disorders, breathing problems, certain cancers, eye problems, immune system diseases, and skin diseases. Unfortunately, their use can significantly impair wound healing. Vitamin A, which is formulated in VitaMedica’s Surgery Program and Clinical Support for Surgery Program, can reverse the inhibitory effects of steroid medications.
10. What is your age group?

Increasingly, young adults do not eat sufficient levels of fruits and vegetables, which are an excellent source of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals necessary to support healing. As a result, VitaMedica’s Surgery Program may be best suited for them. At the same time, young adults are often not accustomed to taking medications or nutritional supplements. If compliance is a concern, then the Healing Supplements Program may be better suited.
11. Do you have difficulty swallowing tablets?

If you have difficulty swallowing tablets, then you may prefer the Healing Supplements Program which includes Bromelain with Quercetin and Arnica Montana. Bromelain is formulated in a hard-shell capsule which most patients find easy to take. Arnica Montana is formulated in a very small tablet. These tablets are not swallowed; instead, they are placed under the tongue. The tiny tablets then dissolve in a matter of seconds.
12. How would you classify the color of your skin?

Fair skinned individuals are more likely to experience the niacin-flush – a temporary redness of the skin when taking the B-vitamin niacin. VitaMedica’s Surgery Program includes a small amount of niacin. You can reduce the chance of the niacin flush from occurring by reducing the dosage to 1 AM tablet in the morning and 1 PM tablet in the evening. If you’re very sensitive to the niacin flush, then the Healing Supplements Program may be more appropriate as this kit does not contain this vitamin.
13. What is your budget?

If you’re working on a more limited budget, then VitaMedica’s Arnica Montana (blister pack or bottle) and Bromelain with Quercetin products might suit your needs. If you have greater latitude in what you can spend, then the Surgery Program is ideal. For those somewhere in the middle, the Healing Supplements Program represents a nice balance.
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