Wellness Products

Look and feel your best at any age.

Whatever your health & wellness objectives - from enhancing energy levels, fighting the aging process to maintaining bone & cardiovascular health - we have a supplement to fit your needs. If you're transitioning from one of our Recovery products, our Wellness line is ideally suited to support long-term healing and overall health maintenance.

Anti-Aging Formula

Protecting Inner Beauty® With morning and evening packets that combine our top-selling multi-vitamin & mineral, organic flax seed oil and antioxidant, this 3-in-1 product makes it easy and convenient to stick with a supplement routine. No more juggling bottles and figuring out what to take. Formulated with nutrients that support glowing skin, hard nails & lustrous hair; strong bones and flexible joints; and a vital cardiovascular system. Ideal for active, busy lifestyles and travelers. Notched packets open easily.  Learn more about aging and antioxidants.  Kit contains 30 morning/evening packets.


Bone Support

With optimal levels of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K and boron, Bone Support Formula supports bone and joint health.  An added bonus - the mineral intensive formula naturally helps you develop a sense of calm and feel relaxed and restful in the evenings.  Prevent debilitating fractures down the road by maintaining bone density now and incorporating Bone Support into your healthy lifestyle.  For best results, take in combination with Energy Support.  Bottle contains 90 tabs.


Clear Skin Formula

With HA+A® Hyaluronic Acid The secret to healthier-looking skin. Clear Skin Formula is a unique nutraceutical that combats both problematic and dry skin. Featuring selected vitamins, minerals and botanicals, our formula addresses skin health internally, to promote a clear complexion. The addition of hyaluronic acid - a natural compound with water binding properties in the skin - differentiates this nutraceutical from Healthy Skin Formula.  A thumb’s up by moms and young adults alike, Clear Skin Formula provides a natural alternative to acne medications which can have potent activity but may have significant side-effects. Convenient daily packets are ideal for younger, active, busy lifestyles. Notched packets open easily.  Learn more about the relationship between acne and nutrition and how probiotics can help.  Kit contains 30 packets.


Energy Support

With optimal levels of the B-complex, Energy Support Formula not only supports energy levels and cardiovascular health but promotes glowing skin, strong nails & shiny hair.  Enhance mental clarity, feel alert and engaged throughout your day by incorporating Energy Support into your active, healthy lifestyle.  For best results, take in combination with Bone Support.  Bottle contains 90 tabs.


Flax Seed Oil

Already taking a multi? Then adding an Omega-3 supplement is your next step to nutritional health. Flax Seed Oil is one of the richest sources of alpha-linolenic acid - an essential Omega-3 fatty acid that our body needs for overall health and wellness. But, the modern diet makes it difficult to obtain sufficient amounts of this essential nutrient. Our flax seed oil was developed in partnership with Omega Nutrition, a Canadian based company that specializes in producing organic seed oils for over 20 years. Just one to two softgels daily supports supple-looking skin, joint lubrication and regularity.  Learn more about Omega-3s.  Bottle contains 90 softgels.


Glucosamine Sulfate

Support healthy joints and maintain an active lifestyle for years to come. Orthopedic surgeons recommend glucosamine sulfate for their patients with osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound that stimulates the manufacture of glycosaminoglycans - key structural components of cartilage. Our supplement is available as sulfate – the form which has garnered the greatest number of clinical studies demonstrating its beneficial effect on stabilizing cartilage to maintain healthy joint function and new cartilage production.  Learn more about bone and joint health.  Bottle contains 120 capsules.


Healthy Skin Formula

Dermal Nutrients® Radiate confidence naturally. Healthy Skin Formula is formulated with selected vitamins, minerals and botanicals to address skin health internally and promote a clear complexion. A thumb’s up by moms and young adults alike, our one-of-kind nutraceutical provides a natural alternative to acne medications which can have potent activity but may have significant side-effects.  Learn more about the relationship between acne and nutrition and how probiotics can help.  Bottle contains 60 capsules.


Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

Simplify your supplement regimen with our comprehensive Multi-Vitamin & Mineral.  Tired of buying a separate multi, vitamin C, calcium or B-complex supplement? Then you’ll love our Multi.  The formulation includes a broad range of vitamins and minerals to support bone, joint and cardiovascular health. The full B-complex not only supports energy levels but promotes glowing skin, strong nails & shiny hair. Ensure that you obtain the right nutrients, at the right time, at optimal dosing by adding our Multi-Vitamin & Mineral to your healthy lifestyle.  Learn more about women’s multi-vitamins.  Kit contains Energy Support (90 tablets) and Bone Support (90 tablets).



Are you eating the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables daily?  If not, you may not be obtaining all of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to prevent aging and ensure good health.   Phytonutrients are plant chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their distinctive color while providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  When consumed, these plant nutrients confer health benefits to us.  Be sure to cover gaps in your diet by taking Phyto-5 Phytonutrient Complex. Learn more about phytonutrients. Bottle contains 60 capsules.



Gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive problems affect many of us on a regular basis.  Diet and lifestyle are often to blame.  But, antibiotics, which kill both bad and good intestinal flora, frequently upset digestive balance too.  Learn more about antibiotics and probiotics   Get back on track quickly with Probiotic-8.  Our broad spectrum probiotic supplement is formulated with 8 different species of beneficial bacteria to naturally replenish your stores.  Each 8 billion serving of live beneficial bacteria promotes regularity and supports immune system function.  Plus, the addition of the prebiotic FOS assists in the healthy growth of beneficial organisms.  Learn more about probiotics.  Bottle contains 60 capsules.


Super EPA/DHA Fish Oil

Special Offer While Supplies Last!  Our current lot of Super EPA/DHA is on clearance because the expiration date is May 2014.  Please note, this does not mean that the product is bad; the supplement can be used well beyond the expiration date. Given the short shelf-life, we're happy to send you a full bottle at no cost. You just pay for shipping.  Add Super EPA/DHA to your cart and at check-out, enter the coupon code FREEFISH14.


The Wellness Prescription

Imagine feeling energized and ready to tackle life’s stresses and challenges each day. In his new easy-to-read book, The Wellness Prescription, Dr. David Rahm offers practical advice along with simple guidelines to extend your health span. By making a few dietary and lifestyle modifications, you can reduce the risk of disease, maintain a healthy weight or even lose a few pounds, slow the aging process, enjoy more radiant skin and even think more clearly.