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Have you heard about the gut-brain-skin axis? Our bodies are fascinating machines of interconnected systems, when those systems are balanced and functioning properly, we look better and we feel better. However, when one isn’t, that can cause a multitude of issues. The gut and skin communicate with the brain through a neuroendocrine messaging system. Additionally, your body is filled with microbiome communities taking up residence in your gut, skin and other parts of your bodies. These ecosystems are made up of trillions of organisms impacting your health and wellbeing. Which is why great skin, health and vitality start with maintaining a diverse and balanced microbiome in your gut and throughout your body. And because of that connection we talked about earlier, if your gut microbiome isn’t in order, that can negatively impact the rest of those communities.


In addition to the numerous health benefits of adding “good fats” like Omega-3s to your daily routine, it’s a great complement to your probiotic for maintaining a diverse, balanced gut microbiome. Latest research has shown that taking your probiotics and Omega-3s together helps each one work even better, a symbiotic relationship that takes you one step closer to a healthier gut and healthier skin.‡

With VitaMedica’s Super EPA/DHA Fish Oil delivering 750 mg of concentrated Omega-3s per softgel, you don’t have to worry about eating tons of fish skins to get what you need, or that fishy after taste or from fish burps. Sustainably sourced, molecularly distilled, & free of potentially harmful contaminants, you get all the benefits from high quality natural ingredients you can trust.


Ready to get your gut health in order? Start off on the right foot with our Cleanse formula.

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Our gut health supplements are a great complement to our dailies. Formulated for improved hair, skin, nails and to promote energy, restfulness, and bone & joint health, you will have everything you need to experience the science of natural health.

‡Hutchinson, N. Tingo, L. Jan Brummer, R. (2020). The Potential Effects of Probiotics and ω-3 Fatty Acids on Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation. Nutrients 2020, 12(8), 2402;
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