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Whether you’re interested in investing in an aesthetic procedure, want to start a professional skin care regimen or aiming to lose a few pounds, an authorized aesthetic provider can determine the procedure, treatment and products that are right for you. Our aesthetic practice locator provides a list of authorized VitaMedica distributors.  All aesthetic providers may not be listed below.  For more listings, please contact us at 888-367-8605.  You can search by city or postal code.

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If you are an aesthetic provider and would like to request a change to your contact information as it appears on this website or be added to this list, please email us or contact your sales representative.

Unauthorized Online Retailers

Unauthorized distributors sell our products without our approval so we can’t guarantee product quality or efficacy.  Products sold through these websites are diverted and therefore may be diluted, expired or counterfeit. The websites listed below who claim to sell VitaMedica products have no relationship with our company and are not authorized online resellers.  VitaMedica does not take any responsibility for purchaser dissatisfaction and we will not accept returns from any unauthorized reseller.  This does not represent all unauthorized sellers but we do update this list regularly.
    • Vitamin Nexus
    • Lasting Beauty
    • Beautygirl1
    • The Blue Moon
    • Rani Heda
    • TheDoctor101
    • Whatever It Takes Beautiful
We aggressively track down and close diverters.  You can help by reporting any suspicious sites to our wellness advisors by calling our toll free number 888-367-8605 or emailing us at [email protected].
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