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LeanBiotics™ Diet & Exercise Program

Just as you would tend a vegetable or flower garden, your microbial garden needs tending, too. Start by cleansing and removing the weeds. Nourish your internal garden with prebiotics and special foods. Then replenish it with select probiotics - planting the seeds for growth. Continue to sustain your garden with the right nutrients to promote ongoing growth, and amplify your efforts with physical activity. The result? A healthy, balanced internal garden – your lean microbiome.

The LeanBiotics™ Diet & Exercise Program is designed to provide you with the products, education, and tools needed to guide you every step of the way and help you reach a healthy weight!


Removing the Weeds

Cleanse the gut by taking the LeanBiotics™ Cleanse supplement and by making important changes to your diet. Like weeding a garden, this step prepares your digestive tract to receive and support the development of beneficial bacteria – your internal garden.


Promoting a Healthy Internal Garden

After cleansing, the next step is to nourish the beneficial microorganisms in your digestive tract. Using the gardening analogy, after pulling out the weeds, compost is added to enrich the soil. What’s the best way to feed your internal garden? By providing the beneficial bacteria in your gut with the nutrients that they need to flourish. During this step you will start LeanBiotics™ Prebiotic and introduce foods high in prebiotic fiber, a special type of food that these lean microorganisms feed on.


Planting the Seeds for Growth

Now that your internal garden has been weeded of the bad bacteria and nourished with beneficial nutrients, your garden is ready for spring planting. During this step you will start LeanBiotics™ Probiotic to replenish the number and diversity of beneficial, lean bacteria thriving in your digestive tract. In addition, you will introduce foods that naturally contain probiotics to ensure a healthy, balanced and self-sustaining microbiome.


Growing Your Body’s Microbial Garden

During this step, you’ll be tending to your internal garden to ensure that it gets the nutrients needed to grow and flourish. You will include LeanBiotics™ LeanMeal RS™ Meal Replacement Drink in your daily dietary routine. At the same time, you’ll try to limit the foods that promote the development of “bad” bacteria. This sustenance phase is all about balance.


Augmenting Your Results with Exercise

The foods and nutrients you consume on an everyday basis have a major impact on your health, wellness and weight. Adding exercise to your routine is like adding sunshine and water to your garden. Daily exercise not only improves your success and promotes a lean body but boosts your gut microbiome in the process.

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The Importance of a Balanced Microbiome to a Healthy Weight

Both animal and human studies have demonstrated that the microbiome can be influenced by the foods we eat. These studies have shown that a typical Western diet, one that is high in fats and low in fiber, encourages a type of “obese” bacterial family to populate our GI tract. Conversely, a diet high in plant foods and fiber encourages a type of “slim” bacterial family to colonize our digestive tract. Learn More

Obese individuals have a greater proportion of “obese” gut bacteria and lower amount of “lean” gut bacteria than lean individuals .

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“Obese” bacteria extract more energy (calories) from the foods we eat, and this influences whether we are more likely to be lean or obese.

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People with large and diverse bacterial populations in their digestive tract tend to be less prone to obesity than people with low microbial diversity .

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Early exposure to antibiotics leads to obesity later in life.

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Gut bacteria make us crave the nutrients they need to flourish .

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Using artificial sweeteners alters gut bacteria .

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Diet & Exercise Program

Promoting a Healthy Weight By Modifying Your Microbiome
  • Restore Balance
  • Enhance Energy
  • Feel Healthy
  • Maintain Regularity
  • Be Less Bloated
  • Feel Lighter
  • Feel Full Faster
  • Reduce Cravings

“Modification of the microbiome may be the key to weight loss that has been missing.”

- David. H. Rahm, M.D.

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