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The science

Of Natural Health®

For over twenty years, we have offered innovative, science-based, natural health products for aesthetic professionals and their discerning patients.

Our targeted product line offers exceptional quality products that enhance overall health and well-being for surgery & recovery, skin & beauty and health & wellness.

From sourcing raw materials to packaging finished product, we are responsible for the quality, integrity, safety and efficacy of our products.

During the formulation stage, Dr. Rahm also takes into consideration a number of other factors to enhance nutrient absorption and assimilation such as:

  • Our products are backed by meaningful clinical studies;
  • Long history for compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP);
  • Use pharmaceutical grade production facilities;
  • Follow strict quality control measures.
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Once a product is formulated, we source best in class ingredients from a network of verified suppliers.
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Meets Clinical Application

Dr. David H. Rahm, VitaMedica’s founder, medical director and product formulator, has always insisted on taking a scientific approach to product development.

During the product development stage, he relies on competent and reliable scientific evidence including clinical studies, epidemiologic evidence, historical use and traditional use to inform product formulation.

While some companies resort to “fairy dusting” or using negligible amounts of popular ingredients, Dr. Rahm has always insisted on using the science to drive the appropriate dosing of each nutrient. He then translates the science into innovative, highly targeted, condition-specific formulations to deliver health benefits.

During the formulation stage, Dr. Rahm also takes into consideration a number of other factors to enhance nutrient absorption and assimilation such as:

  • Choosing the ideal nutrient form (e.g., natural vs synthetic form of a vitamin, methylated folate vs. synthetic folic acid);
  • Optimizing nutrient synergies (e.g., bromelain plus quercetin; turmeric extract plus black pepper extract);
  • Selecting families or groups of nutrients (e.g., B-complex, vitamin E family of eight compounds; phytonutrients from the five major color groups; probiotics species from the major probiotic groups); and
  • Using an ideal delivery method (e.g., chronotherapy or delivery of nutrients based on time of day; probiotics with BIO-tract® uses a patented technology to release beneficial species in the digestive track).
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Quality Page - Turmeric Raw Material Ingredient


Screening of Raw Materials

Once a product is formulated, we source best in class ingredients from a network of verified suppliers.

Globally Sourced • Locally Made

Due to their nature, many natural products contain ingredients that come from all parts of the world.  In some instances, a botanical may be found in only a few areas.  For example, turmeric is mainly sourced from a growing region in India and Southeast Asia while commercial pineapple (source of bromelain) is indigenous to Indonesia.  While our high-quality raw materials are sourced from around the globe, our manufacturing facilities are located here in the U.S.

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Verifiable Supply Chain Management

To manage our broad network of verified suppliers, we have developed excellent supply chain management. Our protocols involve knowing the supplier who made the ingredient, where the ingredient is sourced from, where it is produced and matching physical materials to information provided by the supplier.

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Raw Materials Testing to Ensure Quality

Quality ingredients create quality products.  And, we know that you can’t build a better-quality product using inferior raw materials.  That’s why each raw material ingredient undergoes scientifically valid testing with good documentation and transparency along the way.

This step in our quality control starts with Dr. Rahm providing a raw materials specification for each ingredient.  Importantly, these specifications include the types of tests the supplier must conduct to ensure the identification, content and quality of the raw material.

Verified suppliers send us a sample of the raw material ingredient along with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).  This document certifies that the ingredient meets a range of quality metrics to ensure that the material is free of contaminants and is of the potency and purity claimed.  The COA also ensures a low risk of microbial contaminants, pesticides, environmental toxins, and solvent residues.

Although the COA certifies that the ingredient meets a set of quality specifications, our QA/QC team verifies what is stated in the document by conducting the following types of tests:

Identity tests to ensure the ingredient received is expected and not adulterated.  Microscopy, HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography), NMR or Mass Spectrometry tests are used to ensure identity.  Identity testing confirms that what’s on the label is in the finished product.

Quality tests to ensure a low risk of microbial contamination and low/no levels of pesticide residue (on botanicals), solvent residue and heavy metals.  ICP-MS tests are used for microbiology and heavy metals detection.

Purity tests to ensure that the raw material includes only a given ingredient(s). An “Assay” or “Content” test procedure measures the overall purity when applied to an ingredient. Potency testing ensures that what’s on the label is in the finished product.

Potency tests to ensure that the raw material contains a certain amount or concentration. Example, bromelain raw material enzyme activity is tested to meet 2,400 GDUs per gram.

Branded Ingredients

Where appropriate, our products are formulated with trademarked ingredients including Betatene®, Tocobeads®, Cinnulin® and TRAACS®.  Branded ingredients are manufactured to high-quality standards and often backed by science to support their benefits.

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Standards & Controls

Whether manufacturing a dietary supplement, homeopathic remedy or cosmeceutical, each of our products is made under a strict quality management system.

At VitaMedica, we have a long history for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). We use pharmaceutical-grade production facilities and follow strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.

In addition to passing routine FDA inspections, our facilities are audited and certified by third-party organizations such as NSF, UL and NPA. To maintain ongoing certification, our manufacturing facilities are audited twice a year by independent and qualified auditors.

Strict Quality Control Measures
Each finished goods product has a written Master Manufacturing Record (MMR) which establishes and monitors in-process specifications for any point, step or stage in the manufacturing or packaging process. These production process and compliance monitoring control systems are set to ensure the consistent production of products.

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You can depend on our friendly and diligent staff to obtain reliable, trustworthy answers to all of your inquiries.


In-Process & Finished Product Testing

Throughout the manufacturing of a product batch, stringent testing is performed on in-process product. Each finished product is the tested by our quality team and tested again by outside third-party labs.

Testing on In-Process Product

Our quality controls ensure that the product consistently meets the established specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition and has been manufactured, packaged, labeled, and held under conditions to prevent adulteration.

During production, we pull samples of in-process product to perform testing on a wide number of parameters such as color/appearance, weight, thickness, hardness and friability of tablets

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Testing on Finished Product

Once a production batch has been completed, we perform heavy metals, microbiological and physical parameters tests on the finished product.  Importantly, we perform strength and composition tests to ensure that the product meets our quality specifications:

Strength tests are used to measure the amount of a dietary ingredient per unit of measure in a finished product.  Quantitative tests such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) measure strength.

Composition tests multiple constituents in a complex formula to ensure the finished product will have at least 100 percent of the claimed nutrients (declared on the supplement facts panel) during the shelf life of the product.

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Quality Page Recycling


for our Natural Resources

From manufacturing to delivery, our packaging must protect products from the many changes in the environment. At the same time, we’re concerned with maintaining a healthy balance not only with our bodies but with our environment too.

We are big supporters of the environment and natural biodiversity. Annually we donate to organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Nature Conservancy, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

As a responsible company, we have incorporated several product initiatives to make sure that we conserve or recycle our precious resources:

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Recyclable Bottles

Eco-friendly packaging is very important. We try to recycle as much as possible and prefer companies that use recyclable materials.

Our products are packaged in highly recyclable PETE or HDPE. These bottles provide excellent barrier resistance to maintain the shelf-life of the product. Additionally, the materials used can be recycled and reused for other products.

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FSI Recyclable Unit Boxes

Our unit boxes are made from 100% recyclable paper board which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non-profit organization that represents the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes.

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Starch-Based Peanut Pack

Instead of using polystyrene-foam packaging peanuts, we use starch-based peanuts and brown kraft paper. These peanuts still pack, protect and pad fragile items during shipping but can be dissolved in water and washed right down the kitchen sink.

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Our wellness team is here to help

Whether you’re contacting us from a doctor’s office or you’re a patient searching for answers to your product or health-related questions, our wellness team is here to help.

You can depend on our friendly and diligent staff to obtain reliable, trustworthy answers to all of your inquiries.

To contact a team member today, call our toll-free number 888-367-8605 or email us at [email protected].

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Health & Wellness

A Core VitaMedica Value

Since 1996, when Dr. Rahm first started seeing patients at The Wellness Center, he has always fostered a culture of health and wellness.

At VitaMedica, we have a strong commitment to health and well-being not only for our customers but for our employees too.

We try to foster a corporate culture in which every employee understands that personal health is valuable.

Providing basic health-care benefits is just a start for all of our employees.

At company meetings, we have teachable events where everyone pitches in and learns how to make a healthy meal.

Everyone who works at VitaMedica gets to experience the benefits of using the company’s products.

We offer healthy snacks in the break room and the company has a blender for staff to make their own smoothies.

We value a healthy workforce, so the company has no-smoking policy.

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