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  • Cascara sagrada naturally promotes regularity
  • Ginger & peppermint help soothe and calm
  • Bitter herbs stimulate digestive system
  • Milk thistle assists body’s detoxification process
  • Convenient 5-day blister pack
  • 10 vegetarian capsules

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Health Benefits

Dehydration, stress and reduced physical activity can work against your body’s normal routine of elimination and cause occasional constipation.

SurgiLax is a two-in-one herbal formula developed by an anesthesiologist for his surgery patients to promote normal, regular and comfortable bowel elimination.

  • Formulated with 250 mg of Cascara sagrada, a botanical traditionally used for its natural herbal laxative effects.
  • Milk thistle helps eliminate toxins and excess waste and also protects and promotes liver health, to assist your body’s natural detoxification process.
  • The herbs yellow dock, licorice root, oregano leaf, and Oregon grape provide balance and cleansing support.
  • Bitter herbs burdock and dandelion stimulate digestive function, and their high inulin content promotes growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Ginger and peppermint help soothe and calm your digestive system to minimize discomfort associated with occasional constipation.
  • The high mucilage content of marshmallow coats, lubricates, and soothes your digestive tract.
  • Five-day blister pack with 2 capsules-a-day dosing provides convenience and ease-of-use.

The ABCs of Recovery Support include  Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Clinical Support and SurgiLax. To learn more about these nutraceuticals, visit the Surgery + Recovery section.

Nutrition & Ingredients

How to Use

Directions: Take 2 capsules at bedtime with 8-ounces of water. Each individual is unique and nutritional requirements may vary.

WARNINGS: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use this product if you have abdominal pain or diarrhea. Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea or watery stools. Do not exceed recommended dose. Not for long-term use.

California Proposition 65 WARNING:  Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Read here for more information on CA Prop 65 and what it means.

Not manufactured with wheat, milk, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP-certified facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place.


1. What is the primary benefit of using SurgiLax?

SurgiLax is an all-natural prophylactic stimulant laxative indicated for post-surgery related constipation. Even if a patient is normally “regular”, post-surgery constipation is a common occurrence. Several factors related to surgery work against the body’s natural route of elimination. Pain medication and anesthetic agents slow down the gastrointestinal (GI) system and reduce digestive secretions. Alterations to diet & lifestyle leading up to surgery, including dehydration, lack of fiber, reduced physical activity and stress all contribute to poor GI function.

2. What makes VitaMedica’s SurgiLax product unique

The targeted nutrients in the naturopath-formulated SurgiLax were selected based on extensive use of the best evidence and research currently available in nutritional science literature. SurgiLax supports digestive health while at the same time helping to eliminate waste and toxins that accumulate around the time of surgery. SurgiLax is unique in that it provides a natural alternative for post-surgery constipation in a single convenient blister pack. Delivered in vegetarian capsules also makes SurgiLax vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

3. Who should use SurgiLax?

Any individual undergoing surgery with anesthesia (plastic/cosmetic, general, gynecology, otolaryngology, orthopedic, ophthalmology, podiatric, etc.) and who will be prescribed pain medication can benefit from taking SurgiLax.

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4. Who should not use SurgiLax?

Nutritional supplements have an excellent safety track record. However, certain individuals should seek the advice of their doctor before beginning any nutritional supplement program, particularly pregnant or lactating women. Please refer to the Directions section of the product label for more information on precautions and contraindications.

5. SurgiLax is formulated with Cascara sagrada. What role does Cascara sagrada play in post-surgery GI health?

The dried bark of the cascara tree has been used for centuries as a laxative to purge the digestive tract. It interacts with bacteria in the large intestine to stimulate bowel movement and has antibacterial and antifungal properties, helping the body to remove undesirable bacteria from the digestive tract.

6. SurgiLax is formulated with Oregon grape (root). What role does Oregon grape play in post-surgery GI health?

Oregon grape root stimulates the immune system, fights infection, and acts as an antiseptic. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and helps digestion by increasing saliva, stomach acid, and digestive enzyme production.

7. SurgiLax is formulated with marshmallow (root). What role does marshmallow play in post-surgery GI health?

Marshmallow root has high mucilage content that helps to coat the stomach and relieve irritation. It also has antibacterial and anti-ulcer properties and is used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, indigestion, and stomach ulcers.

8. SurgiLax is formulated with milk thistle extract. What role does milk thistle play in post-surgery GI health?

Used for hundreds of years to treat various liver conditions, milk thistle extract has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

9. SurgiLax is formulated with oregano leaf. What role does oregano leaf play in post-surgery GI health?

Oregano leaf is a powerful antibacterial that can combat harmful gut bacteria like E. Coli and is an extremely safe antifungal agent.

10. SurgiLax is formulated with burdock (root). What role does burdock play in post-surgery GI health?

Burdock’s diuretic action helps in the elimination of waste materials. Its high inulin and mucilage content helps to soothe the GI tract. It has strong antibacterial properties and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

11. SurgiLax is formulated with dandelion (root). What role does dandelion play in post-surgery GI health?

Dandelion has been found to produce a mild diuretic effect and can help with gastrointestinal complaints like colitis. In addition, it is used in herbal medicine as a mild laxative and for improving digestion due to its high inulin content.

12. SurgiLax is formulated with yellow dock (root). What role does yellow dock play in post-surgery GI health?

A bitter herb that may help stimulate digestive function, yellow dock works by increasing saliva production and promoting both stomach acid and digestive enzyme production. It also contains anthraquinones, which give it a mild laxative effect.

13. SurgiLax is formulated with peppermint leaf. What role does peppermint leaf play in post-surgery GI health?

Peppermint has been used for generations to help soothe the stomach, relax stomach muscles and aid digestion. Several studies support the use of peppermint for indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome.

14. SurgiLax is formulated with licorice root. What role does licorice root play in post-surgery GI health?

Licorice root is an antibacterial that is commonly used for treating gastric ulcers because it kills ulcer-causing H. Pylori bacteria without causing stomach upset. It also produces an anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system.

15. SurgiLax is formulated with ginger (root). What role does ginger play in post-surgery GI health?

Ginger has long been used in Eastern medicine to treat stomach aches, nausea, and diarrhea. It has a protective effect on the GI tract.

16. When do I begin taking and when do I stop taking SurgiLax?

SurgiLax is begun post-procedure either the same day or the day following surgery. Take 2 capsules at bedtime with at least 8 ounces of water. Continue for 5 days following surgery for a total of 10 vegetarian capsules in one blister pack.

17. Why is SurgiLax only a 5-day program?

SurgiLax is only intended for short-term use immediately following surgery to address post-surgery related constipation. Long-term use of any laxative product can become habit-forming and potentially detrimental to GI health. Increased water and fiber intake, as well as exercise, are some of the best ways to support healthy digestion over the long-term. For more information, see our Digestive Health Guidelines.

18. What other VitaMedica products can be used after SurgiLax to support GI health and overall wellness?

Digestive upset, whether caused by surgery, traveler’s tummy, antibiotic use, or poor diet, is a growing burden to millions of Americans. While SurgiLax is intended to assist with GI health during the immediate period following surgery, several VitaMedica nutraceuticals are designed to provide the essential nutrients required for long-term health and wellness. Probiotic-8 offers eight different strains of beneficial bacteria that reside in the small and large intestine and are necessary for optimal GI health. Multi-Vitamin & Mineral provides all the essential nutrients for optimal health and great-looking skin. Super EPA/DHA Fish Oil provides an excellent source of important Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. Anti-Aging Formula, our most popular product, includes our high-quality Multi-Vitamin & Mineral plus our Phyto-5 Phytonutrient Complex and organic flax seed oil in 30 convenient daily packs.

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