Turmeric Ultra

Product ID: 10090
  • 450 mg of turmeric extract per capsule
  • Black pepper extract enhances bioavailability
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response
  • Used traditionally to maintain and support healthy joints
  • Provides antioxidant activity
  • Supports a healthy response to environmental stressors
  • 60 vegan capsules
  • Bottle contains 60-day supply

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Health Benefits

Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in turmeric, supports post-exercise recovery, promotes joint health & muscle function and helps reduce occasional inflammation due to normal daily wear and tear.*

  • Turmeric has traditionally been used as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a wide range of health conditions.
  • Curcuminoids are the chief active constituents associated with the plant’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits.
  • Each serving is formulated with 450 mg of turmeric extract, standardized to contain 95% curcuminoids.
  • Black pepper extract (standardized to 95% piperine) enhances bioavailability.


Nutrition & Ingredients

VitaMedica Turmeric Ultra Supplement Facts

How to Use

Directions:  As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily.  For enhanced recovery and post-exercise support, take two to three capsules a day.

WARNINGS:  Do not take if safety seal on bottle is broken. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If you are diabetic, pregnant or breast-feeding, seek advice of your physician before using this product.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.


1. What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is the dried rhizome (underground stem) of Curcuma longa, a plant that is a member of the ginger family.  Turmeric is a spice that has been used in Indian and Asian cooking for centuries, most notably responsible for giving curry and American-style prepared mustard it’s bright yellow color.  Turmeric has traditionally been used as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a wide range of health conditions.

2. What are Curcuminoids?

Of the more than 200 compounds found in turmeric, curcuminoids (plant chemicals) are the chief active constituents associated with the plant’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits.

A typical turmeric rhizome contains about 3-5% by weight of curcuminoids, so taking an unstandardized, powdered turmeric product means that very large amounts would be required to get even a small amount of curcumin.

3. What Type of Curcuminoids are Found in Turmeric?

Curcumin, the most abundant curcuminoid found in turmeric, has been the most well-studied.  The second most abundant curcuminoid is demethoxycurcumin at roughly 17% of the total.  The curcuminoid bisdemethoxycurcumin is present at about 3%.

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4. What Other Compounds are Found in Turmeric?

The turmeric rhizome also contains starch (45-55%, including the arabinogalactan ukonane A), essential oil (2.5-6%, with ar-turmerone as the main component), and small amounts of sugars, protein, vitamins (mostly vitamin C), and a resin.

5. What is the Difference Between Turmeric Powder vs. Turmeric Extract?

Turmeric root can be processed into a powder or made into an extract.  Given that the root contains a very small amount of curcuminoids, a capsule containing powdered turmeric will contain an even smaller amount of curcumin.  Turmeric extract uses a process to extract the plant chemicals and standardizes to 95% curcuminoids.

6. Is Turmeric Extract Better than Turmeric Powder?

Yes, because the extract provides a larger quantity of curcuminoids – the active constituent found in the root.  For example, a capsule formulated with 450 mg of standardized extract, yields 427 mg of curcuminoids.  In contrast, a capsule formulated with 450 mg of turmeric powder, may yield only up to 25 mg of curcuminoids.

7. What is the Benefit of Taking a Turmeric/Curcumin Supplement?

In the last decade, preclinical studies conducted on various generic and proprietary curcumin preparations have reported that curcumin acts on multiple biological targets and has cellular effects that suggest anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory activities.

Given that scientists believe that chronic, low-level inflammation plays a major role in almost every chronic Western disease including heart disease, metabolic syndrome and various degenerative conditions, curcumin can play a role in managing a wide range of diseases.

8. Are Turmeric-Curcumin Supplements Well-Tolerated?

Yes.  Various curcumin preparations have been shown to be well-tolerated in humans at doses of up to 12 g per day.  In three clinical studies a curcumin supplement containing 500 mg, was taken twice daily for a total of 1 g per day.  Other clinical studies used daily doses up to 4 g per day.

9. Why is Black Pepper Extract in the Formula?

When taken orally, curcumin is not well-absorbed, is rapidly metabolized and quickly eliminated by the body.  Piperine, a known bioavailability enhancer, is the active constituent in black pepper.  Studies indicate that taking curcumin with piperine, enhances the absorption by 2000%.

10. What are the Contraindications for Taking a Turmeric Supplement?

Curcumin-containing supplements may increase the effects of several drugs, including blood-thinning and blood-sugar lowering medications.  Curcumin has been shown to have mild anticoagulant properties in assays using human plasma and to prolong bleeding time in animal studies.  For this reason, taking a curcumin supplement around the peri-operative period is not recommended.

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