Cascara Sagrada & Digestive Herbal Supplement

Dehydration, stress and reduced physical activity can work against your body’s normal routine of elimination and cause occasional constipation. Just ask any nurse, and you'll discover that post-op constipation is a problem for most patients.  Whether you're having a hysterectomy or a mommy make over, take control and address the problem naturally before it even starts! SurgiLax blister pack contains 10 vegetarian capsules.


√  The best natural post-op constipation remedy

√  Developed by an anesthesiologist for his surgery patients

√  Cascara sagrada naturally promotes regularity

√  Ginger & peppermint help soothe and calm

√  Bitter herbs stimulate digestive system

√  Milk thistle assists body’s detoxification process

√  Convenient 5-day blister pack

√  100% natural, non-GMO

√  Vegetarian capsules

√  Gluten-free

√  Made in U.S.A.