• Laurie B.

    The Recovery Support program and Arnica saw me through a surgical procedure this past fall. My doctor wrote a prescription for pain medicine but I never even filled it- the Arnica was all I needed. I was so impressed by the results of the Recovery Support vitamins that I now use the Multi-vitamin and Mineral (Energy Support and Bone Support) daily.*

  • Lisa H.

    I started the recovery support program 2 weeks prior to surgery. I felt great before and after surgery. I recovered quickly with little swelling and bruising. I highly recommend this program for anyone anticipating surgery.*

  • John B.

    Favorite Item: Arnica+K Cream

    I buy the Arnica+K Cream for my elderly mother. She loves the cream and it helps speed the healing of the bruises that she gets very easily. The cream makes her feel better about her skin and herself, which makes it makes it much more than a shipping updates are great.*

  • Wendy S.

    I had surgery and lipo and the swelling was very little! I believe these are worth the investment it worked for me!*

  • Tierney B.

    I purchased and followed the Recovery Support program from VitaMedica prior to breast reduction surgery. With all of the nutritional dos and donts, this product made it easy to replace all of my vitamins with the secure knowledge I was getting all I should and none of what I shouldn't. My doctor was very impressed with the product as well! Thanks!*

  • Helen K.

    Favorite Item: SurgiLax

    Surgilax is spectacular only needed it once.*

  • Betty K.

    Arnica was excellent for reducing swelling and bruising.*

  • Laura D.

    I've undergone a few different types of surgery, including the removal of cancerous tumors as well as breast enhancement, and used the surgical AM/PM supplements for both. My recoveries were better than expected with sites healing faster than expected while maintaining an excellent appearance! I will use with any future surgeries :)*

  • Christine B.

    I went on Bromelain with Quercetin about 3 years ago. I was able to go off of Celebrex 200 mg for my osteoarthritis after being on one a day for more than 10 years. I'm very happy to be on something that is a natural, pharmaceutical grade supplement.*

  • Leanna W.

    The supplements were great for surgery recovery!!!! Definitely recommend!!!!*

  • Dorothy R.

    I learned of the Clinical Support Program (for surgery) through an online chat group for those having major surgery. I was told by my surgeon to double my multiple vitamins and Vitamin C uptake so but the Clinical support had all that without the vitamins dangerous to take before and after a surgery. I LOVE them. No side effects and I feel great.*


    *Results may differ based on program adherence..

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