• Dana S.

    Favorite Item: LeanBiotics Probiotic

    The products are easy to use and taste great! The meal replacement is filling, so I never felt hungry. While taking LeanBiotics, I had so much energy and my body just felt great overall.*

  • Armand E.

    Favorite Item: LeanBiotics Probiotic

    Over the 60 days I went from a 34" waist down to 32" waist. The shakes are simply delicious!!! I’ve got my energy back and I feel great!*

  • Gayle S.

    My daughter and I tried the Leanbiotics Probiotic and Meal Replacement, loved both products. I have had digestive issues for years and felt so much better on these products. Also lost some weigh an added bonus. I felt full during the day and found that I snacked less. Had much more energy and just felt better. Two thumbs up.*

  • Candace M.

    Wonderful, expedient service - all products are fabulous.*

  • Margie Z.

    Favorite Item: LeanBiotics Probiotic

    Very satisfied with this Probiotic. It helped me restore gut balance and regularity. Along with that, I lost few unwanted pounds.*

  • Sandra B.

    I have been using this product since May 2015. I have less problem with constipation and my nightly cravings have disappeared. The protein drink is delicious and very satisfying.*

  • Courtney B.

    This was the first step in my surgery prep game plan. I completed the LeanBiotics program and then went in to the Recovery Support program for the 2 weeks before & after the surgery. My recovery has been remarkable. I believe following this course of action along with a very clean diet before & after was a major factor in my healing so quickly.*

  • Laurie B.

    I have really enjoyed this product. Not only am I losing weight during menopause, I have lots more energy! I am even using these on the weekends to keep my energy level up. My doctor has been pleased with the weight you!*

  • Michelle B.

    I've just started, but my friend that got me started had great success and I'm very optomistic!*

  • Natasha F.

    I have tried a lot of different meal replacement products and this by far has been the best. The vanilla flavor tastes great, keeps me full, and has helped regulate my digestion improving my overall health. It's the perfect complement to my healthy lifestyle!*

  • Lisa M.

    Favorite Item: LeanBiotics Cleanse

    The cleanse is the best detox product I have ever used. It is effective and made me feel better within three days. Using the entire system got my health back on track!*

  • Mary K.

    I was very fit and active before my pregnancy and after my son was born I was still 20lbs over my pre-preg weight. Because I was breastfeeding I worried about finding a healthy way to shed the post-baby pounds. A friend let me try some of her LeanMeal vanilla and I was amazed at the great taste and that I wasn’t hungry afterwards. I started walking regularly and I’ve been using my LeanMeal almost every day either as breakfast or afternoon snack for 4 months and very happy with my results!*

  • *Results not typical and vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

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